Cloud Practice

Integrating cloud-based solutions has become an essential strategy for businesses of all industries looking to get a competitive edge. Yet, actually doing so is a huge challenge, as cloud projects are often complex endeavors. That’s why you need the very best cloud developers to help you with them. That’s why you need QDT engineers!

We work with the Top 1% of Cloud Development talent to ensure you work with the most experienced engineers to boost your cloud computing efforts. That’s thanks to our strict hiring process guided by Staffing Hero, our AI-driven recruitment solution, that allows us to sift through more than 1,2 million candidates per year to find the most talented engineers in the market.

This means that you’ll always collaborate with cloud engineers that can take your cloud project from ideation to deployment through a smooth development lifecycle. We are confident that the QDT team can tackle any cloud-related idea you have in mind, be it building a SaaS application from the ground up, migrating a legacy system, or integrating with major cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

Contact us today and talk to us about your business, your objectives, and any cloud ideas you have that you want to turn into a real solution.