How QDTi helped the Toy Retail company in there Digital Journey

In the digital world, a customer expects to shop at their convenience. E-commerce makes customer journey easy and simple only if the business caters well to essential elements of E-commerce. The e-commerce platform must work in competitive areas to raise brand awareness and engage customers. It includes providing a high-quality user experience, choosing the right platform, and strong web and social media performance.

QDTi works on strengthening the pillars of e-commerce that are a priority for retailers’ digital journeys.

A brief about Digital journey of the client with QDTi.

User Experience

In this new age of digital consumers, the commerce experience is all about identifying and fulfilling the needs of new and individual customer journeys. As much as the quality of product matters, equally matters the user experience, where the customer navigates through a website. Everything from design to speed, content, and other aspects of the website work in parts to make online presence worth, creative, and catchy.

The expert team at QDTi works on every part wholeheartedly. We give the best design for your website, a lasting impression, easy navigation, and ultimately an excellent shopping experience.

Saas E-commerce platform

QDTi team works with the client to identify all the parameters and choose the right SAAS platform. It helps us build an impressive and integrated e-commerce application.

Whether it is Shopify, Bigcommerce, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware), Oracle ATG, or newer, more progressive technologies like CommerceTools, QDTi has experienced engineers skilled at building and supporting each platform.


Another essential factor is integration. In the digital era, applications must talk to each other, and data flow seamlessly between upstream and downstream applications. It makes the end-to-end process easy and smooth.

Automation of the entire shopping process like real-time inventory updates in separate systems reduces manual work and human error. Therefore it creates accurate sales data and thus allows faster delivery to the customer.

Applications working in synchronization are a way of connecting with customers. Automatic notifications, shipping details make it easy for customers to trace the location of the product. In short, E-commerce Integration helps maintain operational efficiency. It is an effective way to grow your brand and business.

Connect with QDTI to define your digital commerce, from value delivery to the customer journey.

QDTi builds new capabilities and standards of digital experiences. We have a powerful network of business partners and experienced engineers and designers. Our digital commerce strategy helps retailers make informed decisions and start out of the gate with best practices from our years of experience in this space.

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