Ever Dreamt of your Ecommerce Website Structure?

Ecommerce Website design:

Ecommerce Website design can do anything depending on the customer experience. Either it can make our customers extremely satisfied or else it can break the expectations. But making an ecommerce website is a challenging task for every designer.

The recent analysis report shows that 38% of people will stop visiting our website when the design is simply not good and 48% of people determine the credibility of the business by its website design.

As a result the website design is the core ingredient to make a successful ecommerce business.Here are some techniques to remember before designing an ecommerce website.

Best practises in an ecommerce website design:

  • In order to provide the best customer experience and to make them purchase easily from your website.
  • We can boost our conversion rates by a good website design by converting our visitors into our customers.
  • Not only for attracting new customers, a good web design also helps in customer retention purposes and making our customers more loyal to our brand.
  • A good design can reinforce our brand by establishing our products and services in the best way as a part of good communication.
  • Good customer relationship is to be maintained by a website so that they can trust our brand and services.

Responsive design:

A responsive website design can adjust itself depending on the device it is being used.i.e all the contents in the website like text,image and videos can be automatically turned to be responsive and align themselves in order to provide an overall customer experience in all the devices.

responsive website design

According to research from similar webs 56% consumer traffic for the leading websites are from mobile phones. This shows how vital it is to design our ecommerce website easily accessible not only in laptops but also in mobiles and tablets.

Homepage Design:

Homepage design is very very crucial, similar to designing the front side of our new home. The homepage design helps your customers to decide whether your brand is worth to spend their money.Because it creates the first impression in your customers mind. As we all know, the first impression is always the best, so make your design the best.

Home page website design

The homepage has to grab your visitor’s interest in a fraction of second. So keep in mind you are attracting them within that time span by using some banner images, videos,etc.

Product pages:

The main goal of our website is to sell our products and services. Therefore the products in our website possess great impact so that it can be purchased.Designing product pages with high quality is an art. It should contain some necessary elements in order to have high purchase rates.

ecommerce website design

The product page should contain the product image,description,customer feedback and a call to action button.You have to put professional and quality photos of your product in your product pages.It should be in the way that your visitors should be impressed.

Next to the image, our visitors would like to know something about that product. So attach a few lines as a product description which satisfies the expectation of the customers.

Customer reviews play a major part in increasing your purchase rates. Valuable feedback from a customer helps to drive win your customer’s mindset to purchase your product or services.

Finally, a call-to-action button must be present in order to make your visitors take desired action on your website.

Including Shopping cart:

A shopping cart page is mandatory to track the customers who left our website without making a purchase. Design a shopping cart page with high quality helps the customers to review the products and its prices in a well organised manner.

ecommerce website

And keep in mind, the shopping cart in your website possess product add and remove buttons, option to apply coupons and to proceed with what our customers exactly want to buy.

Add search feature:

Adding a search bar in your ecommerce website breaks the searching time of your visitors and helps them to have what they exactly want by typing in the search bar. So make sure it is placed well and visible always.

Checkout page design:

A checkout page is where your visitors are absolutely turning into your customers. So provide the checkout page with many possible facilities you can. Add payment options and address confirmation buttons. Make sure your customer is making payment without taking much effort.

Things to remember:

  • While designing the ecommerce websites keep in mind the colour codes you are using for products, search bars. For ease of experience you can design a colour palette of your own to avoid confusions.
  • Don’t forget to add alert buttons when visitors need a product which is currently out of stock. So that they can come to know by notification when the item is back in stock.
  • Add social icons in your website so that people can follow your social accounts.
  • Building badges and certifications can help to improve the credibility of your website.
  • Colours for call to action must be much dominant in order to have clicks. Choose colours that help us to show our brand personality, create customer perception and inspire them to take action.

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