Data Analytics


Volume, Variety, Velocity, and Veracity are the 4Vs that define Big Data.
But we believe that all that data is useless if businesses do not actively tap into Big Data’s fifth V: VALUE to your business

We have helped hundreds of clients across big data, data visualisation, database design, marketing campaigns and corporate strategy. We specialise in providing you with a solution and strategy that works and brings results today!

Innovative companies use actionable insights from Big Data to optimize real-time marketing effectiveness, such as delivering high-value, personalized customer experiences to drive ROI and brand loyalty; dynamic online merchandising like smart cross-selling and up-selling to increase revenue; and insights to enhance an app experience, target customer with next-best offers, adjust pricing in real time or provide up-to-the-minute information about customers.



How QDTINTELLECT creates value by leveraging the power of data

  • Create contextual digital experiences
  • Deliver highly personalized promotions, offers, and campaigns
  • Analyze shoppers via omnichannel engagement and social media sentiment
  • Create next-gen recommendation engines for dynamic product offerings
  • Replace old search capabilities with “searchandising” algorithms
  • Establish dynamic pricing and optimization
  • Optimize merchandising via real-time analysis of demand and stock
  • Enhance suppl and demand forecasting
  • Detect and prevent fraud