We are partner of top firm for their digital tranformation

Consulting on mobile, cloud, AI, and multi-channel digital experiences, providing boots-on-the-ground support, and working closely with companies to fully empower their digital transformation.

A Digital Agency Focused On Growing your Online presence

QDT INTELLECT is a dynamic Technology and Business Consultancy specialising in Project Solutions servicing Business Initiation, Transformation, Improvement and IT Programs of work. We have an innovative and unique way of servicing our customers and are driven to solve their business challenges by providing pragmatic and practical solutions. We aim to provide specialist business focused consultants by attracting and retaining the industry’s best talent to deliver projects utilising mature and trusted processes and technologies. 

Our services

Commerce as service

The new digital commerce is all about identifying and fulfilling emerging, individual customer need. Connect all channels across a commerce ecosystem

Cloud, Data & Analytics

Unlocking cloud computing’s benefits with QDTINTELLECT cloud migration services. Leveraging data analytics to create data-driven enterprises

Mobile, API & Microservice

Leverage APIs & microservices to accelerate digital transformation. Build robust and scalable mobile apps to drive growth